Meet the Greenwich Psychic

Servicing the most powerful people in the country for over 20 years


It’s been 20 years since the visit to Greenwich that launched Janet Lee’s successful business in our town.

Lee, a psychic who previously lived and worked in Meriden for many years, was asked to come to Saks Fifth Avenue on Greenwich Ave for a store promotion.

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  • I do a tarot card reading for $75 I do a psychic reading for $150 I do a combination of both readings together for $200.
  • I also do a simple sample reading for $40 which is a mini reading done with questions meeting the person asked the questions and I give them the answer typically it’s around three questions or topics in their life.
  • The psychic reading is a reading that I do based on the gift that I was born with ever since I was nine years old I have been doing psychic readings through my vision and power the psychic reading is a more serious reading that talks about the things that are going on in your life right now and if you were going through any issues it helps you find the tools to repair the problem.